CMA Rohan Sharma

"Every interview is a stage, and 'Rock Your Interview' is your backstage pass to mastering the performance."

"I am on a mission to guide over 5000 CMA students towards their first job, laying the foundation for successful careers in management accounting. By 2025, I aim to..."



"Honored to share my insights as a guest speaker at ICMAI NIRC, empowering the next generation of CMAs with the keys to interview success."


"Addressing the ambitious minds at ICMAI CMA Campus Orientation, where we unlock the strategies to not just land a job, but to excel in their careers."


"Guiding CMA students in Lucknow towards their career aspirations with 'Rock Your Interview' - where every student's potential is turned into performance."









"Securing an Officer Trainee position with an 11.45 LPA package was a dream come true, all thanks to 'Rock Your CMA CAMPUS 2023'. The course's mentorship was top-notch!"

- CMA Dipaneeta Sarma

"Thanks to the exceptional mentorship from 'Rock Your CMA CAMPUS 2023', I landed an Officer Trainee position with an 11.45 LPA package." 

- CMA Shibsankar Mondal

"The course helped me secure an Officer Trainee role at 11.45 LPA, proving the effectiveness of the mentorship and training provided." 

- CMA Sneha Agarwal

"Joining 'Rock Your CMA CAMPUS 2023' was the best decision for my career, leading to an Officer Trainee role with an 11.45 LPA package." 

- CMA Gyana Ranjan Satpathy

"The comprehensive mentorship in 'Rock Your CMA CAMPUS 2023' enabled me to secure an Officer Trainee position at 11.45 LPA." 

- CMA Abhinav Verma

"Thrilled to land an Assistant Manager - Finance role with a 12.00 LPA package, all thanks to the unparalleled mentorship from 'Rock Your CMA CAMPUS 2023'." - CMA Amaresh Maji

"The course's mentorship led me to a Finance Executive position at 10.00 LPA, a testament to the quality of training provided." - CMA Arjya Priya Sinha

"With 'Rock Your CMA CAMPUS 2023', I secured an Internal Audit role at 12.00 LPA. The mentorship quality is unmatched." - CMA Pratima Kumari

"Securing a Finance Executive (HO) role at 10 LPA was made possible by the excellent mentorship of 'Rock Your CMA CAMPUS 2023'." - CMA Bavithra B

"The mentorship in 'Rock Your CMA CAMPUS 2023' was instrumental in me landing an Assistant Manager position with a 12 LPA package." - CMA Tushar Deshmukh

"Thanks to 'Rock Your CMA CAMPUS 2023', I achieved a Finance Executive (HO) position at 10 LPA. The mentorship was outstanding." - CMA Prerna Srivastava

"The top-quality mentorship from the course guided me to a Finance Executive (HO) role at 10 LPA." - CMA Vartika Rai

Why Choose CMA Rohan Sharma as Your Interview Preparation Mentor?

Getting ready for job interviews can feel like a huge mountain to climb. But with the right guide, you can reach the top and land your dream job. That's where CMA Rohan Sharma comes in, a true guiding star in interview prep, especially for those looking to shine in the competitive world of cost management accounting (CMA). Here's why picking CMA Rohan Sharma as your mentor is a winning move.

A Winning Streak

CMA Rohan Sharma isn't just any mentor; he's a powerhouse with over 300 students landing amazing jobs in just the last year under his guidance. Imagine being part of that winning team. With Rohan Sharma, you're not just preparing; you're setting the stage for success.

Tailor-Made Success Plans

Everyone's journey is different, and CMA Rohan Sharma gets that. He crafts interview strategies that fit you like a glove, highlighting your strengths and turning your weaknesses into opportunities. It's not just about getting ready; it's about getting ready the right way.

Beyond the Basics

With Rohan Sharma, it's not just about the common interview questions. He dives deep into what makes you unique, teaching you how to showcase your skills and stand out. Plus, with one-on-one support all the way until you get selected, you're never alone on your journey to success.

Numbers Don't Lie

The figures speak volumes – 300+ selections in the last year, countless hours of one-on-one mentoring, and endless success stories. This isn't just mentorship; it's a proven path to your dream job.

The Confidence Boost

Beyond the strategies and the figures, CMA Rohan Sharma instills a sense of confidence in you. It's the kind of confidence that says, "I'm ready for anything the interview throws at me." That's the real secret ingredient to any successful interview.

Your Dream Job Awaits

Choosing CMA Rohan Sharma as your mentor is more than a smart choice; it's your first step toward landing that dream job. With his unmatched guidance, personalized support, and proven success record, you're not just preparing for an interview; you're preparing to win.

Get ready to transform your interview fears into a showcase of your greatest achievements with CMA Rohan Sharma. Your journey to success starts here, and the destination? Your dream job. Let's make it happen together!

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