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Visiting Faculty and Guest Speaker

CMA Rohan Sharma

Rohan is a dedicated coach and the driving force of, celebrated for steering over 10,000 CMA students toward not just acing their exams but securing prosperous careers with exceptional starting packages of INR 10 LPA from campus. Now, Rohan's mission is to support 5,000 job seekers on their journey. His passion is to turn your hard work into triumph and to accompany you on the path to your ultimate career goals.

Content Creator

Rohan has been sharing his insights on YouTube since 2019, growing a dedicated audience of over 11k subscribers. With a strong LinkedIn presence of more than 12k followers, he's a voice of authority in the interview coaching niche.

Interview Coach

As an interview coach, Rohan transforms job seekers into standout candidates. He's committed to unlocking their potential and has successfully coached numerous individuals to ace their interviews with confidence.


Rohan's debut book, "Rock Your Interview: Proven Techniques for Landing the Job," distills his expert advice into a powerful guide for job seekers, equipping them with the strategies to shine in their job applications and interviews.

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Rohan has a strong community of 22k+ followers across all popular social media.






Rock Your Interview

Dive into a book that's a career catalyst, a guide meant to be read and revisited. Each chapter is crafted to equip you with skills that you'll reflect on and apply, a manual that will empower both you and those you share its wisdom with.

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